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The Delaware Valley Scale Modelers (DVSM) is a group of adult builders of scale models of all types, including military and civil aircraft, military vehicles, cars, trucks, ships and dioramas -- in addition to sculptors and painters of miniature figures. We welcome builders of all skill levels, and strive to provide a supportive environment where everyone can improve their skills, whether their goal is to build for pleasure and relaxation, or for regional and national competition.

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Meetings are on the 1st Friday of each month

Next Meeting: May 5th Dont forget to bring in your Shelf of Doom subject!

Contest Theme: Cats & Dogs

Something with any feline or canine name or depiction, for example, an M41 Bulldog tank; Navy Panther, Cougar, or “_ cat” aircraft; Mercury Cougar; Buick Wildcat; Sunbeam Tiger: any Jaguar; F-86D “Dog Sabre,” etc

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What's new at DVSM?

  • The February newsletter is posted here
  • December Cookie Sewell reviews are here
  • Favorite 5 updates are here
  • The 2016 Theme Build Calendar is here
  • The 2014 Theme plaques are here

Theme Contest Schedule

For more information on our theme contests and a full description of each theme click Here.

  • FEB - Cats & Dogs
  • MAR - Made From Trees
  • APR - First and Last
  • MAY - Big and Small
  • JUN - Gold-Silver-Bronze
  • JUL - Something Towed
  • AUG - Haulers
  • SEP - The Forties
  • OCT - Doo Wop, Duck & Cover
  • NOV - New and Improved
  • DEC - Favorite Five Contest
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Congratulations to our Monthly Theme Winners for 2015

1st Place
Mike Turco - 31 Points

2nd Place
Tom Gill - 28 Points

3rd Place
Paul Kopczynski - 23 Points

The final results can be found here or check our December Newsletter here

Favorite 5 Winners for 2015

A4F Skyhawk by Joe Volz

Steam Wars Corp. Automoton by Keith Jones

IDF Magach 6B by Matt Pritchett

1959 Ford by John Goschke

USS West Virginnia 1945 by Bob Cicconi

For pictures check out our January-16 Newsletter here


Monthly Theme Winner - November 2015

"No Big Six"
1/48 Royal Australian Navy A4G Skyhawk by Joe Volz


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